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2019 / Two-channel video and sound installation / 7.2m x 7m x 8m


2 videos. 2 different behaviours in relation to the subject of love. The first video shows a cat named Penelope from the Looney Tunes Cartoon Pepé Le Pew. She is scared because another skunk, alas a well-known one, is searching for her. Pepé Le Pew is this others skunk, a stalker in the name of love who bashes and throws himself into his desired object. Penelope is terrified, visibly agitated as she hides from him. The second video features B.O., a cute little skunk from the 1948 cartoon Little ‘Tinker. In this short animation, the skunk´s search for love constantly fails as his smell drives away any potential mate. His reaction to rejection? To suffer emotionally, trapped in his loneliness.

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